Video: Columbus and Louisville Feed The Needy

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LOUISVILLE/COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — It was indeed a day of thanksgiving.

In Columbus and Louisville, community members literally went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to the mission of providing a delicious meal for their respective communities.

Before feeding and delivering a hot Thanks giving meal to the needy and shut-in, at Stokes Beard Elementary School volunteers ate breakfast to gain strength to package up boxes of goodies to go. The group has been doing this in the Friendly City for 18 years now.

“I know it is just a one-day thing, but you know a holiday time to me is special. And it can be a sad time too, especially when you are alone,” said volunteer Annie Barry of Columbus.

Just an hour to the west of the Friendly City, volunteers from well over five dozen congregations gather at South Louisville Baptist Church, grateful they can serve by delivering to others who will in turn give thanks for the kindness shown to them on this special day.

“We actually do our opening statement at ten and we start our assembly line at 10:30. And we provide for those who want to come in and we have had as high as 200 to come in and sit down and eat,” said Aline Haynes, the Louisville woman who almost single handedly started the effort several years ago.

“If you remember, before Jesus talked about conversion, healing. He fed the people. You first get their stomachs taken care of and then you can deal with the minds,” said Rev. Rooservelt Gage, a Louisville pastor.

In the spirit of the season, young and old, rich and poor, black and white, giving of their time, effort, and their love.


“We have college students I know from Mississippi State. From East Central, and I think some from Ole Miss. And we also have our students from our local schools. Louisville, Naniah Waiya, Noxupater, Grace Christian School, Winston Academy,” said Haynes.


The group in Columbus began their holiday feeding mission in 1994.


And South Louisville Baptist fed over 15 hundred people last year.


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