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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — It has been a little over a month since Columbus Police Chief Tony Carleton was sworn into office.

Having the ability and the know how to effectively run a police department in Columbus was never a question with veteran top cop Carleton.

“By coming in as assistant chief you know I got to, last November, I got to see a lot of how the workings were here in the department. So, taking over in July there really weren’t any surprises as far as the position,” Carleton said.

Coming in from the chief position in Tupelo, Carleton says he saw and was eager to suggest and make changes to the department.

“I just saw some things that could be tightened up as far as the officers training and certainly now with my background being a lot in training, that we are trying to get the officers up to date on some, certainly laws that change every year but as fare as tactics as well. Community involvement, “Carleton said.

Carleton is sure not twiddling his thumbs. Right off the bat, he has hit the ground running. Dealing with a Fairground shooting, another drive-by shooting, and the recent deadly shooting at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“Seems like both of these were pretty much personal like they knew each other. It wasn’t something that was a stranger in regards to that. Which most are that way. So we’re trying to stay on top of that and to see how we can be more involved to prevent some things like that,” Carleton said.

Carleton seems to see a need to cooperate with the media in Columbus like he did while in Tupelo, in order to help him do his job effectively.

“So, I haven’t had any issues here and I look forward to continuing that. Because its certainly you know from my aspect I look at it as a tool that I can get my message out to the community that I’m here for them. So that relationships been great,” Carleton said.

Along with training his officers, Carleton is hoping to be more proactive in dealing with quality of life issues.

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