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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)– Columbus Police have charged 19 year-old, Dominique Ivan Chambers, of Columbus, with murder. Police released the name of the second victim in Monday (9-3) afternoon’s deadly shooting in Columbus. Andre Williams is still recovering from his gunshot wound. Williams was wounded in the same incident that killed 19 year-old Alexander Brown. Brown was reportedly shot in the eye. Williams is in stable condition at Baptist Memorial Golden Triangle Hospital.





    People of “the friendly city”. let me tell you a bit about Dominique Chambers. He is the son of Ivan and Regina Chambers. He is a very caring and loving person. He is not a killer. I do not know what happened that day on labor day. I know my son was not out looking for trouble.He was enjoying himself with friends in the neighborhood where he lives. He too is a good kid. He was trying to do right in life. He is not a trouble maker or a “bad person” or the kind of person who was always into trouble. I am not saying that he is perfect… no man is. Dominique is the kind of person that if he had it and you ask him for it he would give it to you with no problem. Genuine. Loving personality. Dominique was going for his Ged. Dominique was really trying to find work. He attended church.( not on a regular basis) but he did go. He love spending his time with family and friends and his daughter. Mothers we love our children and always want the best for them. I raised my son to always trust in God and do right by others. This day trouble came to them. I keep asking myself…. why…. why..why her son… why my son.. why did this happen? There are people in the streets saying that Dominique didn’t do it. but no one wants to come forth. my sons life is on the line here so if anyone knows of anything that could help him please come forth. I am very sorry for the loss of life of the young man. If I could turn back the hands of time I would. but I cant. I pray everyday for the family that has lost their loved one. As I do for my son Dominique Chambers

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