The Columbus Tornado Tore Down A Columbus Church But Its Not Stopping Worship

LOWNDES COUNTY,Miss. (WCBI)- It’s been one month since an EF-3 tornado hit Columbus.

Now, a month that church has found refuge.

When you pull into the First Pentecostal Church, disbelief hits you instantly.

The church itself is a total loss, leaving its members without a church home.

Pastor Steve Blaylock says even though the building is a loss, it’s the congregation that made the church.

” It’s the building,that’s not what makes the church, it’s the members and everybody’s uniting and pulling together and we’re going down and cleaning up debris and where a tree had broken ,and so it gives us a sense of togetherness there,” said Pastor Blaylock.

Two miles from where First Pentecostal use to be, sits Canaan Baptist Church.

Now, it’s where First Pentecostal members sit for worship services every Sunday afternoon at 2.

The church opened its doors for Pastor Blayock’s congregation, which he says is a blessing.

” Many,many churches have opened their doors and gave us invitations to use their facilities and I wish we’ve could’ve went to every one of them ,but we wanted to stay in our general vicinity and this was just about two miles from ours so it worked out good for us,” said Pastor Blaylock.

A new office study was built so Pastor Blaylock can continue his work, which includes making plans for what’s to come.

Those plans include moving right down the street into Calvary Church, until First Pentecostal’s church home can be rebuilt.

” We’ve been having good church. We’ve been having most everybody in our church is staying together and were thankful for that cause it takes all of us and it was all of our churches we’re trying to pull it all together and keep on with the work of God. ”

Pastor Blaylock says they’re expecting the new church building to be complete within a year.

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