Columbus Ward 4 candidate to contest election results citing voter fraud


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A Columbus Ward 4 candidate for councilman has plans to contest Tuesday’s election results.

Democratic candidate Patricia A. Douglas ran against candidate Marty Turner in Tuesday’s municipal primary elections.

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The unofficial results have Turner with 91 votes and Douglas right behind with 90 votes.

Since there’s no third candidate, there will be no runoff election, but Douglas said it isn’t over just yet.

She plans to contest the results, citing voter fraud.

“I am so eager because noticing that some of the voters do not live where they say they live, and I will be contesting it, going to the DA, and declaring voter fraud… I’m just glad to be an American. I’m glad to live in Lowndes County, and I thank God for everyone who participated in democracy,” said Douglas.

As of right now, Marty Turner will go on to face Pierre Beard in the general election in June.