Congressman Kelly speaks out about Wednesdays events at the Capitol

WASHINGTON (WCBI) –  Congressman Trent Kelly says he was in his office when the Capitol went on lockdown.

While he says he expected protests, Kelly never imagined the halls of Congress would be taken over.

He says the scenes that played out today are what he would expect to see in a third-world country.

Kelly told WCBI that we are a nation of laws and they should be followed, even when we disagree.

But, the Congressman did not go as far as to blame President Trump for the violence.

“I think the President has come. He’s made several statements. I just saw the Twitter statement that he made asking people to go home and go peaceful. I don’t think anyone person…this has been bubbling for a while,” said Congressman Kelly. “We’ve got a lot of civil unrest in this nation right now on both sides and people are unhappy, which means people need to debate and people need to respect the rule of law and constitution.”

Kelly could not disclose his location but hoped to be back in the Capitol tonight.

He was shot at three years ago by a political protester.

The Congressman would not say how he plans to vote on objections to the Electoral College votes being cast.

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