Correctional facility brings in an iPad program for inmates

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Chickasaw County Regional Correctional Facility is working on a new program that’ll help inmates stay connected.

Soon inmates will be able to use iPads to take a college course and even connect with family members, all while serving time.

An opportunity for improvement.

That’s what leaders at the Chickasaw County Regional Correctional Facility are saying after getting approval from the MDOC for an iPad program for inmates.

How it works, Sheriff James Meyers said inmates can rent them out using funds in their canteen fund.

“They will pay an upfront fee which is very small and they will be allowed to use that iPad,” said Meyers.

Inmates will be assigned an iPad for a full month.

Meyers said this program will allow prisoners to begin to work on a brand new path for themselves.

“We’re looking at ways to give an inmate tools to work with once they get out of prison. This will give them a lot of incentive to work more toward an education. They’ll have access once they get their GED, they can go on the iPad and they can take college courses over the internet,” said Meyers.

Inmates will also be allowed to watch movies, video chat, and connect with family.

However, there is a screening process that happens and they have to have prior approval.

“They can actually be in contact with a family member where they can talk back and forth through emails and FaceTime,” said Meyers.

While the iPads offer outlets to inmates, it’s also taking a load off the staff.

” It’ll cut down on a lot of paperwork for us, because we have to screen every letter that comes in and out. This way everything will be screened electronically by computer. It’s a win-win situation for the whole facility,” said Meyers.

Behavior plays a big role in this program. Inmates will only be able to check iPads out based on good behavior.

Sheriff Meyers said the iPad program should be up and running within the next 90 days.

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