Could Vision Therapy Help You?

Vision Therapy Exercise

[bitsontherun inr87cQ7] COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The start of another school year should be an exciting and productive time, but if your child is already falling behind, his eyes should be the first place you look.

Glasses or contacts could help, but some vision problems go much deeper than that.

Human beings are typically born with 5 senses, but for most us, vision is far and away our dominant sense.
80 percent of what we learn comes through our eyes.
That’s good and bad.
Angie Huskinson is a vision therapist with Snider Therapy Centers in Columbus.
She says, “So when there is a break down in that area, a child or adult can struggle, whether it is in the classroom, or on the job, and even sports performance social skills issues can be affected.”
Turns out, even people with 20/20 vision, corrected or otherwise, can see the world quite differently.
Angie explains, ” It comes into play with eye teaming. An individual can have eye teaming problems, where the brain just does no use both eyes at the same time. It can be an accomodative issue, which is actually the focusing mechanism of the eye. It can be a teaming issue, and like I said, visual perception, which that entails a lot of different things, visual figure ground, visual memory, a number of different things.”
Through sessions two times a week at places like the Snider Therapy Center in Columbus, you should be able to correct any binocular vision or drifting eye problem, you have, in a matter of months, no surgery. no medication.
Therapy consists of a series of exercises designed to get both eyes and your brain on the same page.
Angie explains, ” We have actually had children tell us that the words actually can move on the page. The words look like they are swimming. They may have double vision, and this doesn’t happen all the time, but they may be able to read well for 2 or 3 minutes and then the words start to look funny to them.”
Once therapy is finished, you generally never need it again.
Its never too late to start.
Something to consider, if you think you might need to take a new look at things.

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