County Leaders Meet To Discuss The Future Of The NRG Power Plant

CHOCTAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- The NRG Power Plant in Choctaw County is in a proposed sale to Entergy, a major power plant in the state.

On Wednesday, a special called meeting was held to make residents aware of the impact the decision could have.

The potential sale could have a huge impact on taxes in Choctaw County.

The asking price for the power plant is over $300 million.

Currently the plant makes up 25 to 28 percent of the county’s tax revenue.

County leaders expressed they do want to work with Entergy, however, they just want to make sure this potential sale doesn’t leave a void on its tax base.

With this potential sale, it could cause the taxation to be different, which means, if the taxes do increase, residents will feel the effects of that by having to pay a higher millage rate.

As of now the proposal has not been filed before the Public Service Commission.

However, Commissioner Brandon Presley said he wants to make sure the county has all of the information it needs before making a decision.

“I’ve said clearly I will not vote to approve this sale until we make sure that Choctaw County is fully informed about the impacts of this sale of the power plant to Entergy, and tonight is a big step in that direction,” said Presley. “I want the people in this county to have the facts, the figures, and understand clearly what this sale  means to their county, and I intend to make sure they get that before I can cast a vote to approve the sale.”

“Right now we have the lowest millage rate in the state and we plan on trying to keep that if at all possible,” said Joey Stephenson, Choctaw County Board of Supervisors President. “These taxes affect our schools, our county government, everything in this county. We’re a small county, small population, and we’re looking out for the best interest of the schools and the county.”

In October, county leaders will know more on estimates and on how the tax revenue will look if the plant is sold.

Once those numbers are in, another meeting will take place to talk about making a decision.

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