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CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Two years ago, a series of high profile bullying incidents across the country sparked Mississippi to focus more attention on bullying.

Schools developed new policies and training, but it hasn’t made the problem go away.

One family in West Point is dealing with it head on.

Chelisa Robinson is 17 years old. She says she’s been bullied since the 9th grade, and for the last two years, it’s been a different set of people. But recently, it’s gotten alot worse. One attack happened to her, just as she showed up for work. Chelisa broke down in tears as she described the terrifying ordeal.

“She waited til I came in at 6pm. As soon as I walked in the door, she dragged me by my hair and everybody was just standing over me laughing. Didn’t nobody try and help me.” Says Chelisa.

That incident was September 16th, the next day, the video spread across West Point High School. Chelisa’s mother, Melissa Robinson, got a call about the video the same day. Her mother also burst into tears as she described that moment.

“After I saw the video, I couldn’t believe that they did that to my child. And nobody tried to help her.” Says Melissa.

It only got worse, Thursday September 20th, another incident, this time right outside her home. Chelisa says a set of bullies sent out a message to set her up.

“Then we made it to the house, everybody started running down the street. They jumped me, everybody was over my head laughing. I couldn’t even see. It was several people. I couldn’t even see anymore. They were just constandly coming. Stomping me in my head, just kicking me and dragging me by my hair.”

Chelisa’s father, Dwayne Robinson, was on his way to Mobile, Alabama when he got the call to go to the hospital.

“To see her up in that ER, in the bed. She suffered a blow to the head with a stick.” Says Dwayne.

The Robinson family says they’re upset at how long it took to get action.

“Nobody wanted to help. I don’t care what a child did, they don’t deserve this. I didn’t know which way to go. So maybe if I cry tonight or today, maybe somebody will hear. Maybe somebody will talk. Maybe whoever saw this bullying will speak out and help me with my child. I don’t want this t o happen to nobody’s child.” Says Melissa.

Chelisa says she wants to help stop bullying of other victims.

“They don’t know how they make a person feel. I didn’t even wanna be here no more. I couldn’t go to school. I wanted to hurt myself. I didn’t even knwo what to do.”

The family and police say they were in the process of rounding up suspects sunday afternoon. They face aggrevated assault and other charges.

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