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COLUMBUS, Miss. – (WCBI)When you are feeling frazzled by the day, have you ever noticed that walking outside and taking a deep breathe of fresh air can ease your nerves?

Turns out, you were on to something.

For three years, Brittany Matani has made it her business to help you breathe.. And reboot! Rejuvenation Wellness Studio offers an array of services and product lines to revitalize you, the natural way.

It’s not just the magic of 02 featured in their exclusive oxygen bar that attracts repeat customers. From local dietary supplements, to teeth whitening Brittany offers an entire product line to meet your needs.

A permanent make up artist will soon be set up in the Brickerton shop as well.

Among the seven tanning booths, one bed stands out from the rest.A red light therapy booth offer 12 minutes of a vibrating floor, fun music, and healing properties. Red light therapy is known for healing connective tissues, and improving acne, stretch marks and scars.

For Brittany Matoni, taking a unique approach to keeping your feeling and looking your best is just one more day in the life.

To call for an appointment, dial (662)329-8338.

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