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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Two Lowndes County deputies are recovering following surgery after being shot Tuesday afternoon. Baptist-Golden Triangle says both men were listed as stable but critical Tuesday night.

Deputies Lt. Clint Sims and Lt. Larry Swearingen were doing a welfare check at 487 Drake Circle, just before 1 PM, when they were shot by a man with a high-powered rifle. Sims was shot multiple times in the leg and Swearingen in the abdomen during the ambush.

Neighbors tell WCBI deputies were talking with homeowner, Kent Coscia, then went to put on tactical or SWAT gear just before more law enforcement arrived on the scene. Once the deputies were prepared to make entry into the home, a number of gunshots were fired. Sims and Swearingen were hit. Other deputies moved in to pull them out of the line of fire.

Witnesses say just seconds after the shooting, Coscia walked out of the house with the large rifle held over his head, laughing. Coscia was then arrested.

Authorities have not released the name of the man involved but according to Lowndes County property records the home is owned by Kenneth Coscia. Sheriff Mike Arledge says the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the investigation. MBI has not released any information about the shooting. Arledge did confirm a suspect was in custody.

A home across the street from where the shooting occurred was also hit by at least one bullet.

Sims is a veteran at the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department and the commander of a shift.

He’s member of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Response Team.

The SRT is similar to what most departments call a SWAT team.

Swearingen has been with the sheriff’s department for 17 years. He’s commander of the SRT and a training officer.

Deputy Scott Glasgow’s hand was injured during the shooting incident but he was not shot. He was treated and released from the hospital.

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  • David

    Something is fishy about this. They went to his house to perform a welfare check, because family was worried. Then they put on all their tactical gear, grabbed assault rifles, and were heading into the house. Why break out the artillery?

  • Bully

    They didn’t beak out all that gear for no reason. Officer safety is always their main concern. I’m sure there is more to the story that what is being released.

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