Dog Days at the Pool

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- What is better than a day at the pool than a day at the pool with your dog?

People in Starkville had the chance to do just that during the annual dog paddle this morning.

The Oktibbeha County Humane Society held their 8th Annual Dog Paddle Saturday in Starkville.

Man’s best friend and their owners came out to get a unique experience before Moncrief Park Pool closes for the fall.

“The community has been great. Our sponsors have been wonderful, very supportive, and people are excited to bring their dogs out here. Some of them as their first time. There’s one gentleman that’s been here every year. It’s a big thing for them. It’s a great way to socialize the dogs. That it’s just the last time before the end of summer,” said Karen Lilly.

Craig Aarhus has been coming to the event for years. He is a foster parent for dogs and is happy to offer his support.

“Well this is a great opportunity for us to bring our dogs and do something a little bit different, but I think most importantly it’s a really good how the Humane Society is active in the community. We have over the course of the years, we’ve brought four different dogs to the event. None of them really care for the water, though, that’s unfortunate, but we still come out and support Humane Society,” said Craig Aarhus.

The dogs weren’t the only ones having fun. Many owners and their kids were excited to have a chance to swim with their fur babies.

“I loved it. A lot of funny things happened with the dogs. Like one just wouldn’t get in the pool, and the other got on top of the lady it was just hilarious. It was a really fun event,” said Jack Aarhus.

The money raised during the event goes toward the Second Chance Fund to help animals receive heartworm treatment.

Karen Lilly says this is very important because it is hard to provide care for every dog that comes through their doors.

“We continue every year to get more animals. We had over 250 animals dropped off at the shelter this past month, so our expenses continue to rise and we really appreciate the support community,” said Lilly.

Lilly says she thinks they had more participants this year than ever before and is excited to start working on next years event.

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