Domestic violence cases going up during the holidays

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – For some, the holiday season is the perfect time to be with family and friends, but for others it’s more of a stress added on to their plate.

These burdens can lead to domestic violence situations, and even death.

Many think these negative encounters happen between strangers, but they’ve actually been occurring between family members.

Lowndes County investigator, Greg Wright, says violence can spring from parents who struggle to afford specific needs.

“They can’t get certain things for the kids or couldn’t get certain things for the wife,” said Wright. “And then sometimes when you introduce things like alcohol or drugs or narcotics if you want to say that, if you introduce that into the mix then yes, you can have a volatile situation real quick.”

He says the pressure between family members to provide for one another can create stress and spark reactions that may lead down the wrong path.

“Sometimes in the course of that stressful situation they may lash out at a loved one which causes the problem and then we’re called,” said Wright.

But you don’t have to wait for the assault to happen before reaching out for help.

Domestic Violence Coordinator, Dandria Swanigan, says people can pick up on signs that show a person is in trouble.

“A person can get isolated from friends and family, they lose weight, they have health issues, you know they just stray away from their normal life,” said Swanigan.

Swanigan says most victims are afraid of being judged so they isolate themselves from outsiders and keep quiet.

“That’s why a lot of people don’t tell their business or anything,” said Swanigan.

She says many who seek help think of their situation as their fault but in most cases they’re wrong.

“A lot of people blame their selves for being in the situation,” said Swanigan. “The most critical piece of advice, it’s not your fault.”

Circumstances Swanigan has seen have revolved around the feeling of having no where else to go, but she said that she’s been a part of many success stories, and has helped many find their new life.

“I’ve seen the victim leave the abuser and they have a successful life now without the abuser so it can be done,” said Swanigan.

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