Domestic violence incidents increase around holidays

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) —  The holiday is typically a time of smiles, love and being around your loved ones.

But the holidays can also be a dark time for victims of domestic violence.

Wendie Woods, Executive Director, Owner of Christian Changes Counseling and Recovery Center in Starkville, says there are many factors that lead up to these incidents around the holidays.

“It does rise around the holidays simply because holidays can bring about more stress,” said Woods. “In terms of family relationships and discord within families definitely more stress with financial burdens that that rise in the holiday season.”

Woods said these relationships can also impact a person mentally.

“It can also impact the victim through posttraumatic stress disorder,” said Woods. “Nightmares fears of getting into the addition of relationships inability to trust other people.”

If you feel like you are in a toxic relationship and may be worried about violence in your home, you can click here for help.

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