Video: Drew Carey’s 1000th Price Is Right Episode

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Replacing a legend is never easy.

Bob Barker was the gold standard for game show hosts, before he handed his unusually long microphone over to comedian Drew Carey.

Drew’s 1000th show will air Friday (12-7) on WCBI.

So how’s he doing?

He might not be as silky smooth as his predecessor, but Drew Carey’s everyman appeal is endearing him to the younger set of price guessers.

Jamie Scrivner is a student at Mississippi University for Women.

She says, ” I think he’s done well. It’s always hard to step into somebody else’s shoes and take over, but I think he’s done a good job, so far.

Teenager Lizzie Martin adds, ” I loved him on who’s line is it anyway. So seeing him in on one of our favorite shows is nice. So it’s funny.”

I asked teenager Damonta Morgan what he remembered about Bob Barker.

He said, ” He was very charismatic, and it seemed like he cared a lot about the show.”

I asked if Drew brought a different feel to the program.

Damonta replied, ” Yes, he does.”

Teen Chris Autry chimed in, ” I think he’s a funny guy.”

Still not everybody is fully behind Drew.

Teenager Terrance Johnson says,  ” You know, I’m not going to bash him, but I just prefer Bob over Drew. ”

And while the host may have changed, many  of the games have stayed the same year, after year, after year.

I asked Damonta if  dah-dee-doo-dee-dough rang a bell with him.

It didn’t.

I asked Terrence the same question.

He looked a little confused.

Then I asked Jamie.

She responded, ” Is it the little climbing thing on the game that climbs up the mountain?

She was right!

The game is officially called Cliff Hanger.

Price is Right is sure to have plenty of winners on Friday (12-7) as Drew gives away some of his favorite things, including a trip to Cleveland and a new car!
The Price is Right is the longest running game show in television history and a consistent ratings winner for CBS.

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