Economic develops propose new projects for North Star Industrial Park


OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The North Star Industrial Park has caught the attention of economic developers.

On Wednesday, Golden Triangle Development Link CEO Joe Max Higgins spoke about the progress being made at the park and gave proposals for future projects.

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Higgins asked city and county leaders to consider building a TVA Pad, a Speculative Building, and invest in a $1 billion project called “Project Trinity.”

Funding for the TVA Pad and Spec Building would come from the existing bond revenue from the park.

Higgins said they’re still looking at funding sources for Project Trinity.

Higgins hoped to hear back from both boards by the end of next month on whether they want to move forward with the projects.

“The TVA Pad project is 100,000 square feet,” said Higgins. “In a perfect world we will find a company that will come in and want to take the pad and build a building with at least 100,000 square feet on it and employ people, we think advanced manufacturing would go there. The spec building, which is next door to it, that’s a building that’s built, it doesn’t have the interior built for it, but everything is there. In other words, the roof is there, the walls are there, you come in and you finish the building out like you want it. Then on the bigger project, it’s just a huge capital investment, good pay. Probably the winner there is the capital investment that it makes and the taxes it would pay to the city, county, and the schools.”

Garan Manufacturing is set to move into the new park.

Higgins said they’re also in the process of building a sign entrance and water tank at the industrial park.

Both of those are expected to be completed by the end of the summer.