Video: Educators Retire In Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -It was a big day for more than a dozen educators. They retired Wednesday from the Columbus School District. They’ve seen plenty of changes over the years.

Some of the retiring educators today have served for over 30 years. And though some are excited to start a new chapter, others will miss the everyday impact they make on the lives of their students.

“I’m excited simply because I’m just going to have some time to relax but I’m going to miss my students,” said educator Glinda Samuel.

“Oh I love it, free time to do whatever I need to do, after working for over 30 something years now I can concentrate on me,” added educator Alice Hurst.

But all this excitement for the future has some educators taking a walk down memory lane. Glinda Samuel remembers what it was like decades ago working in the cafeteria.

“When I first started we had to prepare all our food from scratch. It is a lot easier now, you know how many calories are in everything you have. The children are a lot different now, then they were more well behaved,” said Samuel.

A lot of things have changed for educators over the years including discipline, the way kids learn and different forms of technology they they didn’t use 30 years ago.

“Pencil and paper was basically what we started out with, now you have your laptops in the classrooms that students are able to use, you have them on charts. Everything has just changed and technology is just great,” said Hurst.

As educators walked to receive their awards they were recognized for the significant impact and contributions to the lives of students in the Columbus School District.

“We say to them thank you for your service, you’ve done a great job in our school system and we just give them a big pat on the back because it’s hard being a teacher because often times you’re under appreciated but they’re doing the work that needs to be done, they’re really the savior of our nation,” said Superintendent Martha Liddell.

Board members and parents were also recognized at the reception.

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