Video: Egyptian Tomb At Aberdeen School

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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – In conjunction with it’s fall carnival, students at an Aberdeen elementary school constructed a haunted Egyptian Tomb. This semester gifted students at Belle Elementary have been studying the ancient culture and for the last few days the learning experience has been frighteningly good.

Frightful sounds in an Aberdeen classroom comes from the room turned into a tomb, the kind found in Egyptian pyramids some 5,000 years ago. Tour guide Jamia Johnson is quick to point out the ancient writings and identify mummified remains.

“The second one is Rah the sun god. This is Isis the wife of Osirus. And of course this is Osirus,” said Johnson, Tour Guide.

“We started on Tuesday building the structure, Wednesday we did all the decorating and had it ready and Thursday we actually did tours for every student in our school,” said Sheila Westbrooks, Gifted Teacher.

“What intrigued me the most was the study of all these guys, and how they preserved their bodies, Pharaohs,” said Sage Ewing, Belle Elementary School.

Studying the life and times of an ancient people who once sailed along the Nile River is an experience these gifted students will not soon forget.

“They were scared cause they noticed that we were in the burial chamber. Especially when we was back there in the real burial chamber. They were scared when the mummy kind of walked out the sarcophagus,” said Johnson.

And so academics that include Egyptians who lived around 2,500 BC, is causing us once again to think on our beliefs and costumes.

“Its just amazing what all they went through to preserve their bodies for the after life and what they believed in and how much trouble they went through,” said Niyah Lockette, Belle Elementary School.

This is the first year the Belle Elementary Gifted Class of 11 students constructed the Egyptian Haunted Tomb.

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