EMCC host Black History Month celebration program

EMCC, Miss. (WCBI) – East Mississippi Community College is carrying the tradition of building brighter futures by recognizing the heroic efforts of years past.

Wednesday EMCC hosted a Black History Month celebration program.

The event featured musical performances and guest speakers.

Dr. Dantwan Smith, a cardiology fellow at the University of Mississippi Medical Center was a guest speaker and talks about appreciating the sacrifices made in American history.

“I hope that the younger generation is able to gain a greater appreciation from the talk that I have today to be able to harness, grasp, and understand what their elders have went through. Ancestors like Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman -just to name a few- to be able to understand that they didn’t have the technology and all of those things. They didn’t have someone that was in front of them and giving them a road map. They had to create their own dream and create their own legacy to be able to be successful and become the people we know them to be today,” said Dr. Dantwan Smith, Cardio Fellow, UMMC

EMCC is hosting another event on its Scooba campus on February 28th at 7 PM. The EMCC Reflection and Voices of Victory choirs will also perform.


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