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A new study finds hospital emergency room waits may not be as long as we think. Or they may be longer, depending on your perspective.

The study by Propublica found that the average wait time before being seen by a doctor is 28 minutes nationwide and 32 minutes in Mississippi.

But if you have a broken bone and need pain killers, the averages are 60 minutes nationally and 69 minutes in the state. And it’ll be a total of 138 minutes on average before you are sent home nationally but just 117 minutes in Mississippi.

The times vary by hospital. For instance, the average wait time for a doctor is under 30 minutes at small hospitals in Eupora and Louisville. But it’s 41 minutes in Tupelo and 54 minutes in Columbus.

For a look at the complete study or to see more on hospitals in your state or area, click the link below:


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