Enough is enough: city leaders discuss gun violence in the community

LOWNDES AND NOXUBEE COUNTIES, Miss. (WCBI)- Enough is enough. Across our area, police and prosecutors are talking about gun violence in the community.

All it takes is one pull of a trigger to end someone’s life.

Around the nation and close to home, gun violence is spiking.

On Wednesday, Starkville Police responded to gunfire at Brookville Garden Apartments, later finding one victim wounded.

As District Attorney Scott Colom explains, more illegally purchased weapons are used in shootings.

” People can sell guns to people without any record. They don’t ask for their age or criminal history. That’s when you see a lot of these types of guns and these types of weapons. It’s like the shooting in Starkville. It’s on the streets. Most of the laws, when it comes to gun purchases, are ages and restrictions. On top of that are controlled by federal law. There’s not nearly as much state law when it comes to these types of weapons,” said Colom.

Federal law states gun owners must be 18 or older to purchase a rifle or shotgun. 21-years-old to buy a semi-automatic firearm, handgun, or pistol.

So how do you enforce the law with unlicensed dealers?

” The DA’s office has to prosecute those people to the fullest because violence destroys families, and it destroys communities,” said Colom.

Evidence shows Starkville Police collected two assault weapons with drum-fed magazines and a handgun.

” They are very dangerous. They aren’t made for protecting yourself at your home,” said Colom.

22-year-old Dequan Montgomery and 22-year-old Charles Dailey are charged with attempted murder and attempted aggravated assault. 26-year-old Claudia Holly us charged with discharging a firearm in city limits. 19-year-old Eric McCarter Jr. is charged with accessory after the fact.

Noxubee County Sheriff Tommy Roby says suspects are sometimes minors.

” When we stop them and they have a gun, they are going to be under 18. Nine tens out of 10. More likely, it’s stolen, or they have taken them from their parents or other people,” said Roby.

That’s why law enforcement is increasing its presence in the community.

” We are patrolling more,” said Roby.

” We can’t tolerate it. You can’t wait until it happens to someone you love to care,” said Colom.

If you have any information on the shooting, contact the Starkville Police Department or Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers.

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