EPA says Freon will stop production by January 2020

OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – New regulations are in the air – and the EPA has announced the production of Freon will stop in January 2020.

Many homeowners may soon be facing a big choice – much higher A/C maintenance bills, or investing in a new system.

For years, most residential air-conditioning systems have run on a refrigerant called R-22, better known as, Freon.

But beginning next year that will change, Freon will be replaced by a new chemical, Puron.

As the amount of freon begins to go down, Owner of Climate Control Brantley Johnson said homeowners may have noticed HVAC services going up.

“Freon prices have gone up almost 600% in the last ten years. R-22 was $9 a pounds now it’s up to $51 a pound,” said Johnson.

Freon’s impact on the environment is bringing about the change.

That’s why the EPA is pushing the switch to Puron, which is cheaper and more energy-efficient.

Johnson recommended that homeowners get a maintenance check if they aren’t sure of what is being used in their units.

“They can see if you’re low on Freon, they can check your evaporator coils, they can check your compressor, things of that nature. And they can tell you if it’s R-22 or R410A,” said Johnson.

Johnson said if you happen to have an older air-conditioning unit and aren’t able to pay for a new model, there may be another option, Freon can be recycled and reused.

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