Video: Eupora and Webster Community Prepares For A Disaster

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EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI)- It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. A large tornado makes a direct hit on a local school.  But thankfully, this tragedy is just an act.

“We have a tornado in a in a fake scenario that hits Eupora High School,” said MEMA Exercise Officer Todd Demuth

EMA officials in Webster County held a massive tornado drill Wednesday morning for fire, rescue and law enforcement. Officials from nearby counties also assisted and monitored their performance.

“What we want to do is see what our actual response times are, is there communication between different entities within the county, how well are they working together. This kind of gives you an idea of what happens in a real life scenario,” said Demuth.

MEMA officials say the real-life scenario with the helicopters, ambulances and actors are very important. This could mean the difference between life and death in case a real situation happens.

Laci Knight is principal at Eupora High School. Her staff and student volunteered in the drill.

“When it hit at East Webster several years ago, it was an eye opener because we all think it won’t happen to us and then when it happens so close, we all kind of realize that anything can happen at any given time. We had 16 students who participated and they were all given a certain injury. Some of them were severe injuries, some of them weren’t and so they were coached on how to act out their injury,” said Knight.

Sophomores Logan and Jackson Edwards both “perished” in the fake tornado. Both of them were more than happy to help their community.

“That way the officials in the town, firefighters, they’ll know how to act when we go through this and then we also would know what it could be like when a disaster like this could come through,” said Edwards.

At the end of the day, everyone walked away without scratches or broken bones, hoping to ensure the same when a real situation occurs.

After the drill, emergency officials met at the community center to go over the pros and cons of the exercise.

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