Eupora High School Hosts Career Day


EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI)- Colleges and High Schools are continuing to hold career fairs; however, one high school is making a twist of their own.

Instead of bringing in big corporations to speak to their student body, they brought in individuals to speak about their own practice.

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Architects, Dentists, X-Ray Techs, and Veterinarians are among these individuals.

Joe Duncan, Owner of Duncan Vet Clinic in Eupora, was able to talk with us about a big misconception that students have about his profession.

“A lot of people think that you’re playing with puppies and kittens all day or just giving vaccinations,” said Joe Duncan. “But other than that there’s a whole lot more we do and there’s so many other avenues that you can choose other than being in practice.”

Eupora High School has held this unique career day for seven years and plans to continue bringing in professionals due to the lives that have been changed because of it.