Eupora is upgrading the city’s police patrol fleet with a Tesla

Tuesday night, the Eupora Board of Alderman voted to modernize the city's police patrol fleet. Aldermen approved the department's purchase of a Tesla Model 3.

EUPORA, Miss… (WCBI)- The Eupora Police Department is upgrading its fleet, and the new cruiser will be plugging in instead of pulling up to the pump.

Tuesday night, the Eupora Board of Alderman voted to modernize the city’s police patrol fleet.

Aldermen approved the department’s purchase of a Tesla Model 3.

Eupora PD will be the first in the state to put the Tesla on patrol.

Director of Public Works Odie Avery says the goal is to use taxpayer dollars more wisely.

“The city was fortunate enough to receive state funding for a police vehicle and as we looked at our fleet, we have a fleet of six gas-powered vehicles right now that are aging and conversations were had about how we be more efficient with taxpayer dollars. We are estimating about six thousand dollars in savings compared to a gas-powered vehicle a year,” Avery said.

The plan is to make the Tesla the department’s primary patrol car.

City leaders want Eupora to spark a change for others.

“This will be a great pilot program for cities like Eupora. We can kind of help other cities determine and see if this is a worthwhile cause. If it really does help save funds,” Avery said.

They are also hoping it will be a safer vehicle for their officers.

“It is GPS-tracked all the time. It has a camera system that is always active and always functioning so if an officer is involved in an incident or a chase or anything like that, the car is going to be recording that and you will have that data to go along with it. So I think that is important for officer safety and citizen safety,” Avery said.

Avery says the Tesla could have other benefits for the city and its residents.

“Our hope is that this does get some attention for Eupora. That we are forward-thinking, we are looking at other avenues and other technologies that are out there. We want to make sure that we are doing the best we can with the things that are available to us to provide services for our citizens,” Avery said.

The Tesla is estimated to arrive in a few months.

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