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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Each January, membership spikes at NMMC’s Wellness Center.

“Absolutely, we get a lot of new members coming in, making their New Year’s resolutions,” said NMMC Health Fitness Specialist Ken Rodgers, who helps those new members stay on track and motivated throughout the year.

“Try to come as often as you can, maybe try to find a workout partner, somebody you can come out here and work out with and kind of hold you accountable,” he said.

Personal Trainer George Stone says another way to avoid discouragement with a new workout routine is to set realistic, measurable goals.

“If you don’t set goals, you don’t have anything to reach for, you will run out before you even get started,” Stone emphasized.

Five years ago, Rob Gardner set a goal to lose weight and get into shape. Now, he’s 115 pounds lighter and says his method for success isn’t complicated.

“It’s hard, it is a full lifetime commitment, it’s not two weeks , three weeks, a month, it’s a lifetime commitment of change and exercise and diet,” Gardner said.

Marie Breneman spent part of her 26th birthday at the Wellness Center.

“I want to start the new year off right,” Breneman said.

The elementary school teacher has been working out regularly for more than a decade and believes a successful and enduring exercise plan starts with a positive and determined attitude.

“Don’t think about it as a new year’s resolution, think about it as today, you’re starting new, because people think about a new year starting, they want to begin new habits but really you can’t keep up with those habits by depending on a brand new year, every year, you have to start fresh everyday,” she said.

Along with a positive attitude, realistic goals and hard work, another key element of any exercise plan is nutrition. The old saying, you can’t out exercise a bad diet is true. And on a personal note, I can tell you that all this advice works. Two years ago I got serious about exercise. Since that time I’ve lost about 40 pounds and even completed a full marathon last month. With determination, hard work great trainers and the proper diet, 2013 can be your healthiest year yet.



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