Facebook will now help keep you informed about COVID-19


MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – Social media giant Facebook is on a mission to get accurate information to its users about the vaccine.

Facebook has launched an initiative to pass factual information about the COVID-19 vaccine. The program is called “Facebook’s Data for Good.”

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The goal is to help people find out where they can be vaccinated and to understand what information is true. The social site also promises to remove misinformation regarding the vaccine.

”So we recognize it is important for people to ask legitimate questions about the vaccine. Is it safe for children? Is it safe for pregnant women? These are things still being figured out by researchers,” said Laura McGorman, Facebook Policy Manager. “But when you’re looking at things like is it more effective to just get COVID-19 versus getting the vaccine we know and we have a scientific answer for that. So if people are spreading those hoaxes that can be widely debunked by science, that is the kind of content we can take down.” 

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