Family of missing man still search for answers and his whereabouts

LAMAR COUNTY, Al. (WCBI) – It has been nearly two months since an Alabama man first went missing, now family members have asked for the public’s help to find him.

Roger Taylor, of Lamar County, was first reported missing on March 10.

“It’s been bad not knowing, not knowing where he’s at, if he’s OK, if he’s dead or alive, or whatever could’ve happened to him,” said Taylor’s youngest daughter Alyssa Taylor. “It’s been horrible.”

Family members said the 58 days that their loved one has been missing has been filled with pure anguish and uneasiness.

“I feel like somebody has seen him, or has talked to him, or knows where he’s at, and I feel they need to come forward,” Alyssa expressed. “If they don’t feel comfortable going to the police they’re more than welcome to come to me.”

According to Alyssa, on the night Taylor went missing, he and his wife got into an argument.

After the argument, Taylor’s second oldest child, Tiffany Taylor, drove the wife from the couple’s home in Lamar County, Alabama, to her home in Monroe County, Mississippi.

Not long afterwards, Taylor left his Alabama home, got in his car, and drove after them.

“It’s my understanding my father had went to go pick Kitty back up, his wife back up, and he got lost,” Alyssa recalled.

Alyssa said once he made it across state lines, Taylor sent a text to his daughter Tiffany saying he was lost.

The 48-year-old was never heard from again.

A few days later, his car was found on Blair Cemetery Road, not far from his daughter’s home.

“It was thought that he was trying to get to Tiffany’s house, trying to go get his wife,” said Alyssa. “There were a few footprints around the vehicle and it looks like they vanished. They are assumed to be my fathers but there’s no way to verify it.”

Investigators spent more than a week searching the area where the car was found, but couldn’t locate Taylor’s whereabouts.

Now Alyssa is pleading for more answers and closure.

“To be able to wrap my arms around my daddy’s neck again and tell him I love him, or to be able to lay my daddy to rest and have somewhere to visit him, either one would bring me great closure and great comfort because this not knowing is horrible,” Alyssa expressed. “I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.”

Taylor has a physical issue and family members believed that could’ve played a major factor in this incident.

“He had a couple strokes and a heart attack and bleeding on the brain,” Alyssa described. “He had not much movement and control of his left side and it dragged from his strokes and stuff. He had trouble breathing and spells where he wasn’t always there.

The family is now offering a reward for anyone that has information leading to his whereabouts.

If you have any information on Taylor. you’re asked to contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

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