Family Resource Center Hands Out Nearly 3,000 Food Boxes


TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Hundreds of families lined up for hours to receive free food boxes at the Tupelo Furniture Market.

The food drive was coordinated by the Family Resource Center of Northeast Mississippi.  Twenty eight hundred boxes of food were available.

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FRC began the weekly food distribution days back in July and continued those throughout most of the year.

Organizers say the need has remained stable as many people are still out of work because of Covid 19 related restrictions and the impact it had on the economy.

The Mississippi Crisis Foundation also helped organize the food drive at the furniture market.

“Today they got a double load, last time they only got one truckload, so instead of having 14 hundred boxes they will give out 28 hundred boxes, cause every time we have done this in the past there have always been several people at the end of the line that ran out and we really want to make sure that if you came out you can get the boxes and they’re incredible boxes, have meat, dairy produce, vegetables,” said Pastor Harold Wilson.

Five other locations had food drives today.  Fifteen cities will distribute food by the end of this weekend. FRC plans to hold food distribution days through March.