A fatal shooting left two dead and two wounded

ALICEVILLE, Ala. (WCBI)- A high school senior and another man are shot to death in Aliceville, Alabama on the night of Tuesday, March 23, 2021. The hunt continues for a killer and law enforcement is trying to figure out exactly what happened.

It was an emotional day as family members of the victims came to the scene on the west side of town. Many want to know what happened and who pulled the trigger, but until those answers come, those loved ones are leaning on their faith.

18-year-old Lacurtiseous Peebles’s grandmother sang gospel songs just a step away from where her grandson was gunned down. It was her way of grieving, but other family members are at a loss for words.

“I don’t know why somebody would want to take his life like that 18 years old ain’t lived none of his life and it’s just tragic,” said Peebles’s aunt Jossie Guyton.

Aliceville Police Chief Tonnie Jones said bullets started flying outside a 1st Street Southwest home about 11:20 p.m. Tuesday night. Two people were injured in the gunfire, while Peebles and one other man died from their gunshot wounds. It was a shocking crime that rocked the small and normally quiet Pickens County town.

“Almost 99 percent boring, but it’s always that one percent sheer terror and right now it seems like we’re in that sheer terror at this particular moment,” said Chief Jones.

Even though investigators aren’t sure what sparked the shooting, Jones says too many young people have a gun and use it too often to solve their problems.

“Everybody desires to have a gun or either has a gun and we’ve noticed and discovered that’s not the way. Somebody is affected by it the people lives that were lost
that’s somebody’s son that somebody’s nephew.. cousin and now the surviving family members are dealing with a tragedy that probably shouldn’t have happened,” said Jones.

The tight-knit community in Aliceville Alabama left families trying to make sense of the violence that took place outside of Peebles’s home.

“It’s just really sad to see people and they’re taking each other’s life. Why can’t everybody get along? This family right here the Ball family is going to come together and be as one,” said Peebles’s grandmother Mattie Ball.

“Who would’ve ever thought something like this would go on in Aliceville,” said Guyton.

No arrest has been made in the investigation. Law enforcement is waiting to learn the name of the second homicide victim, and Aliceville police, Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, and the district attorney’s office are investigating the deadly shooting.


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