Fire officials continue to warn citizens to be cautious while burning

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The state of Mississippi was recently under a Red Flag Warning due to an increased risk of brush and wildfires.

Even with rain chances moving into the area this week, fire officials explain why folks should still be mindful of conducting burns.

You’ve heard the phrase, “when it rains, it pours.”

But will the amount of precipitation moving into the region enough?

” People just need to be cautious,” said Hays.

A trend of brush and wildfires has been reported across North Mississippi over the last couple of weeks.

Captain James Hays, with the Columbus Fire Department, says burns are a growing issue.

He warns families to be mindful of weather conditions.

“The ground itself may get saturated and wet but you have to remember what’s on top the dormant floors dormant grass you know what’s on top of the ground. The wind dries it out. Just because the ground is wet and muddy what’s on top of the ground could’ve already dried out and it will take off and go,” said Hays.

A fire can spread within minutes, that’s why Hays encourages folks to keep watch if they choose to conduct a controlled burn.

“Be conscious of the weather and be conscious of the wind the wind is a big thing. How dry it’s been lately,” said Hays

If you think fire might get out of hand it may be better to wait or consult your local fire department.

“You need to call the city fire department and we will come out and inspect it. If the wind is blowing more than 10 mph you cant burn in the city. Just because its raining and wet that week just be cautious later on that week and the weekend coming up,” said Hays.

Fire officials encourage folks to always supervise burns.

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