First African-american sworn-in as mayor in West point

WEST POINT,Miss. (WCBI)- In West Point, the Oath of Office Ceremony signified a historic moment as the first African-American Mayor took the gavel and the office.

Now, here comes the hard work.

To being active in the community and now working as an elected official, Rod Bobo is West Point’s newly-elected mayor.

And this is a first for West Point where Bobo will serve as the first black mayor.

” It shows that we’ve come a long way and we’ve got a-lot of work to do as it relates to race relations. I’m ecstatic to be selected as the Mayor in West Point,” said Bobo.

Selectmen and a Selectwoman were also sworn into office Thursday morning.

In Ward 5, Jasper Pittman says this isn’t the first time Bobo held a city government position.

” He’s no stranger to city government. He and I were on the board together many years ago so he’s well aware of what direction he wants the city to go in. We all support him,” said Bobo.

” He always been a business person of sort. He’s been a community supporter. He believes in the heart of the West Point,” said Randy Jones, Chief Administrative Officer.

And he plans to do just that, create more opportunities in West Point.

” I want to work with the parks and rec as well as building upon the economic success we’ve had. Working with Joe Max Higgins on the LINK and making sure we continue to bring decent high paying jobs to this region. I also planning to sit down with our school board and talk with about how their managing their budget,” said Bobo.

Even developing a strategic plan with other municipalities.

” I want to meet with all department heads to see where we are, where we would like to be, and formulate a plan of how we get there. I look forward to great things for this city and I’m ready to go to work,” said Bobo.

Bobo says he’s planning a meet and greet for law enforcement and community members.

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