More flash flooding, finally dry by Sunday


SUMMARY: We have seen nearly historic rainfall totals this week. Flash flooding has been widespread, especially over northern parts of our viewing area. Another day with persistent rain and cloud cover today, before rain chances begin to go back down on Friday and quickly drop off by the time we start next week. Highs in the mid 80s today and Friday, upper 80s Saturday. We should be treated to a few sunny days early next week, with temperatures rising into the 90s.

RIVERS: Heavy rainfall over the last few days has lead to river flooding across the area. Click here for the latest levels.

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TODAY: Unfortunately, another day of flash flooding and heavy storms is in store for us. Nearly universal rain chances once again across the entire area, with all the rain holding our highs in the mid 80s. Once again, storms could have gusty winds and some small hail.

TONIGHT: Showers and storms continue tonight. Like we have seen in previous nights, we could see an evening lull before storms refire into the overnight hours. Muggy and warm, lows around 70.

FRIDAY: Friday looks pretty wet and cloudy once again. Slightly lower rain chances then Thursday, but widespread to universal coverage of showers and storms looks likely. Highs once again held down into the mid 80s. Flash flood threat will continue.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Storms finally should begin to die down a bit by Friday night. We could still see scattered showers and storms in the overnight hours, but coverage should be a lot less than we have seen the past few days. Lows in the low 70s.

SATURDAY: The unsettled weather finally begins to abate on Saturday, with just scattered afternoon and evening storms. Highs warming into the upper 80s with more sunshine, and partly cloudy skies.

SUNDAY TO WEDNESDAY:  Even lower rain chances on Sunday, and most of us should stay dry. Isolated T-storms in the afternoon. Highs return to the 90s and stay there for the first half of next week. Monday and Tuesday look to be completely dry, with mostly sunny skies!! A front may approach the area as we head into the middle of the week, with Wednesday looking to have cooler temps and a slight chance of a stray storm.