Florist expects big business for Valentine’s Day

The rest of the retail world has Black Friday, but for flower an gift shops, February 14th is the big shopping day.


WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) -Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. It’s also a day for Florists.

The rest of the retail world has Black Friday, but for flower an gift shops, February 14 is the big shopping day.

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Beverly’s Baskets, Gifts, and Flowers Shop in Louisville has always been busy, but as Valentine’s Day approached employees barely had time to stop and smell the roses.

“We’ve run out of just about everything, it’s been a busy busy year,” said employee Beverly Wray.

Wray explained people were trying to get their hands on last-minute gifts.

And there’s a clear favorite.

“Roses, red roses, white roses, just different kinds of assortments of roses,” said employee Ty Hardin.

Milus Mcdonald was one of those shoppers searching for the perfect gift.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, most men get their ladies or wives something for Valentine’s Day. It’s a day set aside for them. I try to do the same and contribute. I don’t know what I’m going to get her this time, I just came to look around and see what I can get a hold to,” said Mcdonald.

Hardin said almost every rose has been sold, and it took a lot of preparation for the big day.

“You would think people would come in the day before and weeks ahead to plan it, but some of us come at the last minute. It’s really hard on us because we have so much to do and it’s all together at one time,” said Hardin.

“We worked from six in the morning till eight and ten at night for the last three days, and we had to be here at six this morning. It’s just super busy, the phone is ringing and people are coming in and you’re trying to help everybody but you hate for them to have to wait but they’ve been super nice about it,” said Wray.

Although Valentine’s Day can be hectic, the team here was happy to put smiles on their customers’ faces.

“It feels good that people come in and they’re happy and ready to spend no matter how much it is to spend that money on roses and flowers and when they’re satisfied with what they’ve got,” said Hardin.

It’s not too late to find something special for a loved one.