Foods to avoid giving pets during the holidays

Cookies, candies, chocolate. These holiday treats are all around you, but not good for your pets.

Some of those foods you enjoy, may actually be harmful to your pet’s health.

Most people know that chocolate is a no-no but things like grapes can all upset your pets tummy.

And while you’re careful to keep them away from you furry friends, people visiting may not. So take some precautions.

“What you may want to do If you’re going to have a lot of family members over or you’re going to have a big dinner maybe put the puppy in his crate while you’re eating so you don’t have to worry about anybody dropping anything on the floor and the puppy getting it grades can be toxic to your pups not all of the chocolate there’s all kinds of different things that can make them have a G.I. upset and you wouldn’t want that on Christmas morning,” says veterinarian Dr. Karen Emerson.

It’s also important to keep pets away from all types of candy including your gingerbread houses.

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