Columbus city leaders work to address pressing issues

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Columbus city leaders work ahead of next week’s council meeting to lay the groundwork for some pressing issues.

Several issues were on the agenda, including an AirBNB policy for the city and equipment needs and repairs. But at the top of the list, especially considering this week’s rains were flooding issues around the city.

City Engineer Kevin Stafford updated Mayor Keith Gaskin and the City Council on the problem areas.

The Council has allocated 3 million dollars of ARPA money to address drainage in the more flood-prone neighborhoods.

Mayor Gaskin would like to bring the Board of Supervisors into discussions to discuss the possibility of sharing some of the costs.

“All I’m asking is that everybody step back and take a deep breath and look at this and see if we can find some good common ground to move this forward, and not make it a political issue, or you know one engineering firm against another engineering firm; the city council against the Board of Supervisors. That’s not helpful to the citizens,” said Mayor Keith Gaskin.

State leaders are allowing cities and counties to pool their ARPA funds for projects, so they can get more *bang for their buck*.

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