Former MSU Professor Retires After An Illustrious Career


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- A long-time communications professor and former PA announcer at Mississippi State is retiring.

After 45 years, Dr. Hank Flick is wrapping up a career that’s been as colorful as some of his ties.

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“I’m passionate, I love what I do which means I’m committed, and I’m loyal to Mississippi State,” said Dr. Flick.

Dr. Flick first came to MSU in 1971 strictly to get his masters degree, becoming a teacher was never on his agenda.

“I never planned on being a teacher,” he said. “This is something I never wanted to do, not that I had any problem with it, but it was just something that opened up to me.”

But looking back, the former professor realizes teaching was his passion, often times, calling it his ministry.

It was his charming, and theatrical style of teaching, along with his passion, that made Dr. Flick stand out to his students.

“Students are more demanding in what you present them,” the former professor said. “You better be prepared, you better be organized, you better have a sense of humor, you better have some swag, and that swag here is style. A style about you that is different, a style about you that students see is real.”

Teaching was something Flick took very seriously over the years. In fact, he never missed a day of work during his 45 year career.

“That really is something smart and something stupid,” said Dr. Flick. “I just love it here at Mississippi State. I love the students, I love the classroom, and love means commitment. I’m committed to this.”

During his tenure at MSU Flick also spent some time as the public announcer for a few athletic teams.

“I worked there for 32 years,” he said. “I started doing basketball then I did football, then I did track and I did a couple of baseball games.”

Flick said he has a genuine love for all of his students, which made his decision to retire a tough one.

The current author will now focus on his research and writing books.

“You don’t stop loving, you don’t stop being committed, you don’t stop you just move on to a different chapter in the book, that’s what’s great about research,” said Flick.

On Monday, Dr. Flick sent his third book, to a publisher for review and editing.

His goal is to have this book published during the Christmas Holidays.