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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – North Mississippi men can receive free Prostate Cancer Screenings in Tupelo.

The Cancer Center at North Mississippi Medical Center is not usually opened on the weekends. But three urologists and cancer center support staff opened their doors to men who wanted the free prostrate cancer screenings. Prostrate Cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in the male population. It is also one of the most curable.

Urologist Dr. Paul Farabaugh says,  “Certainly in this day and age if presented with prostrate cancer at an early stage, it is possible to cure a male of the prostrate cancer for the remainder of his life.”

The screening involves a simple blood test and a prostrate examination by the physician. And treatment varies, depending on the age of the patient and how agressive the cancer.

Urologist Dr. Steven Farmer “It may be true that you would live your entire life without any bother from that prostrate cancer. However certain prostrate cancers can act more aggressively and can move more quickly, causing pain or suffering or even premature death despite your age at the time of diagnosis. “

To emphasis how important this cancer screening program is nine men came all the way from Water Valley in this church bus to get screened.

Pastor Mitchell Steen “We are very concerned about cancer. We tried to get more people involved in this matter and so far we’ve had some success but we’re looking for next year maybe bringing more people.”

The American Urological Association recommends men should get a screening when they reach age 40.

North Mississippi Medical Center and the Urology Associates will offer screenings again next Saturday the 22nd.

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