Video: Friends, Community Helping Contractor Rebuild His Home

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SATILLO, Miss. (WCBI) — As a contractor, Mack Towery dedicated much of his time to building homes for others. When a tornado practically leveled his Lee County home, he was faced with the most challenging construction job of his career.

“The north wall was left. Part of the south wall of the house was left. And two hall walls. The rest of it was gone,” said Mack Towery.

“It started blowing out windows and tearing down walls and the roof came off and it was over in no time. Everything was just a mess,” said Mack’s wife Kathryn.

But the very next day, friends and coworkers began stopping by.

“A lot of people were trying to call us but the phone was gone and they just started showing up,” said Kathryn Towery.

“James Brown showed up, Shane Brown showed up, Sammy Scott showed up, a plumber with a track hoe. We just started working and cleaning,” said Mack Towery.

After removing debris. Friends picked up saws, hammers and nails. They started to rebuild.

“You can’t say the words. The things that people have done. Even the strangers that are coming know, they’re bringing water, bringing food. It’s just been amazing,” said Kathryn Towery.

Marty Little says for a man who helped build so many dream homes, this is the least he could do to help.

“Mack’s helped the community a lot by building homes and building the community up and so we were inspired to help Mack,” said Little.

It’s that generosity and kindness Mack and Kathryn will never forget. Their home will be a true labor of love.

“Old photos and memories, they’re gone. But we’re getting it back together,” said Mack Towery.

“The walls are up, the roof is on, they’re putting the windows and stuff on today. It’s looking like home. It won’t be the same home, but it’s looking like home,” said Kathryn Towery

Several of the volunteers say they also want to help other neighbors who are still struggling with cleaning up and rebuilding.

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