Fundraising Haunted House


FULTON, Miss. (WCBI) –  With Halloween around the corner, there are a number of haunted houses throughout our region. But one attraction not only promises to give you a frightfully good time, but also helps young actors produce stage plays. WCBI’s Allie Martin has more from Fulton.

Fulton’s old Grammar School has been transformed into a frightening maze of twists, turns and surprises.

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The theme for this haunted house is “Trapped.”

“You will see a lot of things that are trapped, in different assortments of things, cages, boxes and different things you can be trapped in,” said Dalton Stevens, who portrays “Smiley.”

For the second year, the IAHS Indian Players are staging the haunted house. It has taken a lot of hard work and numerous rehearsals.

“For three weeks we’ve been up here, everyday, right after school until six or eight or however long we need to be here to get our rooms finished,” said Student Kayley Phillips.

“It’s really, a lot of improv, to be honest, of course we talk, our group leaders we talk with each other, the director will talk to us if we have any questions about our character, but mostly it’s improv, you find out what character you want to be, how you want to portray it and then you do it,” said Student Erin Stanphill.

Students came up with the ideas for each room in the haunted maze, they decorated, and many also did their own makeup and costumes.

Of course, pulling off a big production like “Trapped” also means moms, dads and other community members help out, any way they can. Volunteers say they enjoy helping the hard working youngsters.

“They are just amazing, and talented and they all make really good grades, I’m amazed they keep their grades up and do all this,” said Michelle Ponce, a parent whose daughter is in the production.

Proceeds from ticket sales will help the IAHS Indian Players stage next year’s production of “Peter Pan.”

Tickets are ten dollars. The Haunted House is at the Old Grammar School this Saturday night and Halloween night.