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You may be somewhat familiar with fake online hoaxes stating that famous celebrities have dead.

Recently online posts falsely indicated comedian Bill Cosby had passed.

The most recent….Country Singer George Jones.

WCBI News is glad to report that Jones, who once stopped by Monroe County is alive and kicking.

On a rural stretch of highway in Monroe County, a country legend known for downing one or two for the road every now and then was driving, in the words of Sheriff Cecil Cantrell….Country singer George Jones was impaired.

“I think he got lost. I really don’t even think he meant to be in Monroe County. Ha, ha, ha,” said Cantrell.

“We loaded him in an ambulance and Booga Red road with the ambulance to Birmingham. And we put him in a detox center over there,” said Pat Patterson, Former Monroe County Sheriff.

Jones’ wrecked gray lincoln became a gold mine for fan memorabilia, according to Jerry Smith fans even grabbed pieces of glass from the country star’s 1982 car.

Smith was the one who went to pick up the vehicle from Grubbs Springs Road.

“Well it was rolled over, like it rolled over a couple of two or three times. Landed back on it’s wheels. And we just pulled it in and put it inside the shop,” said Smith.

Smith’s father restored and eventually sold that lincoln.

Jone’s escapade really turned out to be a misdemeanor case.

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell was Justice Of The Peace at the time.

“The Judge would set a bond and they couldn’t get a hold of the judge in that beat and they called me and I set a bond for George Jones of fifteen hundred some odd dollars I believe thats what it was,” said Cantrell.

“Good old Howard Moon was chancery clerk back in those days, good as they come. And Howard say, sheriff his check bounced. You know whose got to pay it now don’t you. I said yeah I know I do. It comes out of my pocket,” said Patterson.

George Jones who turns 81 next Wednesday, did make good on that bond amount and reimbursed Patterson his money.

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