Gov. Tate Reeve praises relief efforts from ministries to Jackson flood victims


JACKSON, MISS. (WCBI) – Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves praised ministries such as “Eight Days of Hope” for efforts to help those impacted by the flooding.

Reeves said the recent floods have displaced hundreds of people who need help.

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While assistance was available from a variety of governmental agencies, Governor Reeves said he is especially thankful for ministries such as “Eight Days of Hope” which were helping victims as soon as the waters receded.

Governor Reeves said it’s vital for flood victims to get both physical and spiritual support during a time of crisis.

“It really is a great time to minister, because when you think about it, when people are at their lowest point, which is often the case after a natural disaster, it becomes the best time to offer the real eternal hope, and that’s the opportunity for eternal life, I’m glad to see that they’re here, and that’s one thing Mississippians know most, is we give back and when people are in need or hurting is when we really shine through,” Gov. Reeves said.

Governor Reeves also said his wife, First Lady Ellee, will launch her “Team Up 4 Clean Up” Campaign to help clean up communities impacted by the recent Pearl River flooding.

The initial clean-up will begin at two sites in the Jackson area littered with trash left behind by floodwaters.