GT Crime Stoppers: ‘We don’t want your name… just information’

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Most crimes have witnesses, but too often those witnesses are reluctant or even afraid to speak up.

That’s one of the reasons Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers was established, to provide a way for the community to help law enforcement without being identified.

The group also rewards people whose information leads to arrests in a case.

Although, Kevin Forrester, the organization’s coordinator, said people often refuse the money. They just want to see the crimes solved.

The Crime Stoppers board met to take review some of those tips, decide on payouts, and take care of other businesses.

Forrester said those tips often make the difference in closing a case.

“Then they make that tip, and law enforcement never knew that that person was even a suspect of interest. But, yet one video or one phone call, or one snapshot of what actually happens was the very thing that turned the case around,” said Forrester.

Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers also honored former Columbus Police Chief and retiring Crime Stoppers Board Member, Pete Bowen, for his 30 or so years in the organization.

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