GTR Airport sees large number of travelers during the holiday season

LOWNDES COUNTY,Miss. (WCBI)- As we get closer to Christmas, airports experience the most travelers since the pandemic began.

Folks are booking flights to visit family, but the risk of Coronavirus remains in the air.

The Golden Triangle Regional Airport is taking all the necessary steps to keep everyone safe.

While flights are running at full capacity, keeping everyone socially-distanced is a growing concern during the busy week.

Wheels are up Dozens are flying out of the Golden Triangle Regional Airport for the holiday season.

Passengers, like Suzie Keen, are traveling to reconnect with loved ones.

“I came to see and visit with my parents and grandchildren and my family and friends,” said Keen.

Keen booked her flight from Cincinnati to Columbus.

With the risk of contracting COVID-19, Keen is socially distancing herself from other travelers.

“I feel complete comfort with the distance and everyone wearing their mask,” said Keen.
GTR Executive Director Mike Hainsey says all flights are running at a 90% capacity.

” We do see a lot of people traveling that are trying to get together with their family or need to travel this week especially. This week at the airport, the flights are running full,” said Hainsey.

However, how passengers get from here to there might look different.

” Delta Airlines that fly out of GTR are limiting the capacity so you could have an empty seat next to you if you wanted,” said Hainsey.

” I feel safe knowing that everything is sanitized. Everything has been clean, and travel has been well. Workers will keep you well sanitized on the plane as well,” said Keen.

Several airlines throughout the U.S. are doing what they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among passengers.

For larger hubs, like Atlanta, the need to stay safe is greater.

” We put in over two dozen additional sanitizing stations. Every touch-point is wiped every two hours,” said Hainsey.

Hainsey says the airport will continue to use these safety protocols until further notice.

” Both the airlines and us and our partners all are pushing very hard to make sure people can fly safely,” said Hainsey.

The CDC recommends travelers to wear a mask and socially distant during the holidays.

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