Hayday Fest is coming to Starkville

Hayday Fest is coming to Starkville on April 17.

COO and president, William Cooke, with JXN Music Group, is hosting a concert-style event for the public.

Crowds will enjoy live music from local bands along with several food vendors to choose from.

The event will take place at the Everly at Osborn in Starkville.

Groups like Luke Media and Mississippi Against Human Trafficking are helping to sponsor the event, with 5%of proceeds going toward the organization.

Cooke also says a free shuttle will run during the night to transport concertgoers.

” We want it to be able to find something where people can spread out. They can be outside. They can be safer than in a crammed-up space like in a building for a concert. We’re grounding our roots in the local Starkville Community,” said Cooke.

You can visit JXN Music Group website or their Facebook page for tickets and concert information.

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