Heather’s Weather Lab: Fishing Forecast, Is it Accurate?

Columbus, Miss. (WCBI) – The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it’s a good starting point for many fisherman for their fishing forecast.But how accurate or inaccurate is it?

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Don Gillespie seeks out both trophy fish and relaxation. He’s fished so many lakes, he’s lost count.

It’s a favorite pass time he’s enjoyed since he was kid. He listens for the fishing forecast everyday. He says the weather has a lot to do with just how accurate the Old Farmer’s Fishing Forecast pans out…

“It all depends on the weather. Like today, it says “best” and this is the day that I really want to be here (private lake in Starkville) because it says best. That doesn’t necessarily mean the fish are going to bite great that day,” Don Gillespie, Fisherman.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac began in 1792. They claim they’re eighty percent spot on. On a day when the forecast is calling for “best,” Gillespie says he can expect a good catch.

“I would say that you would catch a good mess of fish. When I say mess of fish it’s enough to eat to make a good meal,” said Gillespie.

Researchers say there’s little to no proof that there’s any truth to the 80% accurate claim.

Gillespie has his own theory.

“The day you can get out and fish is a great day for me!” said Gillespie.



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