Help is now on the way for Columbus families affected by February tornado


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s been a couple of months since the EF-3 tornado hit in Columbus.

Those that lost their homes may have lost hope, but help is on the way.

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Community Recovery of Lowndes County is now working in those affected neighborhoods to help families get back to a new normal.

Monday is the day owner Shirley Andrews has been praying for.

“Well thank God help is here. We have been waiting ever since February the 23rd. This has been a long waiting process. Hardest decision, you do not know what to do. Just waiting and praying,” said Andrews.

That’s the reality people on Shady Street have been living with since the EF-3 tornado hit back in February.

“This home here, this was her home for 32 years,” said Jasada Dunbar, of United Methodist Committee on Relief.

Dunbar is listening to the stories of the storm victims and says this community will not stand alone.

Volunteers with Community Recovery of Lowndes County and those from out of town are finding people living in damaged and sometimes dangerous homes.

“There are people who are walking on carpet that has rotted wood under it,” said Gillon.

Many tornado victims only knew that they needed to pile up the rubble, but they really needed a miracle.

“There are people who haven’t forgotten them. That even though the tornado was is February and it is now June that there are people standing strong with them,” said Dunbar.

CRLC began the demolition process after an application was approved.

After weeks and weeks of hard work, there will be a new home in its place.

Once a home is cleaned out it be will be demolished and set for a rebuild.

“Thank God help has arrived,” said Andrews.

World Renew Organization from Illinois is in town this week working on demolition projects with Community Recovery of Lowndes County.