Helping Those With Alzheimer’s One Step At A Time

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Purple shirts and flower pinwheels took over downtown Starkville today as supporters gathered to walk for Alzheimer’s disease. A well-known Mississippian, Senator Roger Wicker, attended the event to express his passion for raising awareness for the disease and wanting to find a cure.

“I’ve got my walking shoes on. I’ve got my purple shirt on and I’m going to walk with the crowd and we’re going to make a statement that Mississippi volunteers support what we’re doing nationwide to fight Alzheimer’s,” says Senator Roger Wicker.

Senator Wicker has worked close with the Mississippi Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association for many years, wanting to tackle the 6th leading cause of death.

“In addition to the personal cost in terms of human loss, there’s dollar and cents aspect to this. It’s the most expensive disease we treat nationwide and it costs the treasury more in terms of Medicaid and Medicare dollars.

Raising funds for the disease helps give support to families affected by it. Although you may not have the disease, having a loved one who does is almost as difficult. The Alzheimer’s Association is aware of that and has a flower garden that supporters raise up to show how the disease affects them. Executive Director of Mississippi’s Alzheimer’s Association explains what the colors stand for.

“One color meant that you were an advocate like me. One color represented that someone you know had passed from Alzheimer’s disease, or that you are currently caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, or that you were living with Alzheimer’s disease.”

The fundraiser walk had a lot of success. The chair for the Mississippi Alzheimer’s Association expressed her gratitude.

“There’s eight walks in Mississippi and I’m very proud. I mean we worked hard and I’m very proud that we’re the only one in the state of Mississippi that hit every goal that Jackson set for us before walk day.”

The walk exceeded their goals and raised over 40,000 dollars. .

To donate to the Mississippi Chapter Alzheimer’s Association, you can click here.

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