Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s 5K run brought pets and owners out for fun

5K runs are usually for people that enjoy distance running and friendly competition

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- 5K runs are usually for people that enjoy distance running and friendly competition, but Hill’s Pet Nutrition hosted their annual race in Starkville, for pets too.

“To donate to the school’s fostering program Homeward Bound all the proceeds go to them and we just put this on every year to raise them some money and help out all the dogs and cats that they ship up north to get better homes,” said coordinator Emily Haag.

Haag said last year(2020), roughly 80 people signed up for the event, but this year (2021); over 160 people signed up making it the largest turnout they’ve ever seen.

“I was not sure what our turnout was going to be this year. I was able to advertise it a little bit earlier this year which is what I think is responsible for the number and we also got Oktibbeha County shelter involved,” said Haag.


. Tables were set up for owners to get themselves and their furry friends a treat.

For first-time runner Madelyne Peroni; excitement raced through her mind from start to finish because she felt a sense of normalcy.

“I know like not getting to be around everybody and getting to have this kind of moments definitely kind of put a damper on everything so kind of getting to see everybody out here and actually moving around and like hanging out together again was really really special,” said Peroni.

While runner, Peter Mcginn, was happy to compete and meet new faces.

“Sometimes we’re over here and just focused on our studies so getting to meet people outside of vet school is awesome for the greater community. You know everyone here is a dog lover and petting the dogs and everything it’s been great community is so important and I think the pandemic really showed us that,” said Mcginn.

The event is expected to go on next year and have an even bigger turnout.

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